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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother And Child Quotes

Having a child is an incomparable feeling.  An amazing feeling how God was really able to give life to another beautiful and unique soul.
Deciding to have a child is not only a decision to make but also a commitment to raise your child to the fullest way you can. Love....protect...nurture
There will always have this "mother's intincts" a mother perfectly knows well what troubles her child
The kind of love we give to our  child reflects the way he reciprocates that kind of love to other people.  Parents, specifically the mother, molds  their child into the kind of human being he becomes in the future. 
Seeing your child this happy makes you realize that life isnt just about material things and fame that could make you genuinely happy.  Happiness comes from inner self and the innocence it brings to life. life is beautiful.
anticipating for your child to be born is worth the wait....the first glance on your baby brings so much happiness you cannot contain.  It is very overwhelming.

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